How To Increase The Value Of Your Property

Exeter House for saleAccording to Exeter based Southgate Estates, buying a home is a huge investment that pays off when you are able to sell the property later on for a profit. However, property values still have to bounce back to how they were before the financial crisis. Homeowners can still take some steps to increase the value of your home.

1. Check Your Walls

A house that has cracked walls, mold, old or bubbling paint, etc., does not only look bad, but it will also decrease the value of your home. Invest in weatherproof wall coating that comes with a 10-year warranty to assure buyers that the walls will remain in good condition long after they purchase the house. Just make sure you show the documentation of the work done to interested parties.

2. Create More Space

Open space is very attractive for buyers, especially since it gives a sense of flow and allows light in. You can do so by removing some non-structural walls or the kitchen island if they are not as valuable in the design of the home. You should also invest in clearing out the garden, removing dead trees and trimming bushes. Walkways should remain clear to make the garden seem more spacious as well.

3. Landscape

Speaking of the garden, unkempt ones are unsightly and when buyers see it, they will shy away because of the work and the cost of maintaining it. This is why if you want to increase the value of your property, you should invest in a beautiful garden. It does not have to be grand, a simple one with some clean bushes and flowers is already much better than dead plants and grass.

4. Improve The Lighting

Natural lighting is the best, of course, but in some cases, it is not as easy to break down walls or install new windows just to increase the amount of sunlight getting into the home. So the alternative is to install some ambient lighting, specifically some spotlights in particularly darker parts of the home. Dimmable lights are also a good investment so that buyers will be impressed with the improvements you have made in your property.

5. Do Not Forget The Maintenance Tasks

In some cases, homeowners tend to overlook some dripping faucets or minor leaks and even rusty gutters. However, potential buyers will inspect everything critically so if you want to get the maximum value for your property, you need to take care of these important maintenance tasks. Moreover, it sends the idea that the house is in top and pristine condition and worth every penny you are asking for.

6. Improve Your Flooring

If there is one thing to invest in, it should be your floors. This will be the most worthwhile and will increase your home’s value significantly because buyers do not want to have to update the floors themselves. This does not mean removing the old one altogether; it is enough to replace broken tiles and patching floorboards. Wall-to-wall carpeting can also be removed especially if it is already worn out.

7. Upgrade The Bathroom

While many brokers suggest upgrading the kitchen before the bathroom, a good number of homeowners will also find doing the kitchen upgrade too expensive. It’s a good thing you can update your bathroom without spending so much money. Buyers are very critical as well of the status of the bathroom because a dirty one with mold, rust, and old tiles or furnishings will put them off. Taking of these things, as well as changing cabinets, replacing the faucets or installing a dual-flush toilet are simple but value-adding upgrades to do.

8. Go For Neutral Wall Colors

Selling a house with strong wall colors is not a good idea, because it will be either something the buyers like or hate. It is always safe to use a neutral color to leave them bare for the new owners to paint the way they want. Moreover, a light color will make the property look cleaner, brighter, and more spacious.

One misconception is that homeowners have to do extensive and pricey improvements on the property in order to increase its value. In some cases, a little clean-up or touch-up paint is enough to already create a great impression and convince buyers that your home is worth the price you are asking for.